Introducing new technology to the UK – TerraClean, which not only saves money by improving your vehicle’s efficiency, it improves vehicle performance, restores MPG and significantly reduces emissions, protecting our environment. The other added benefit is that TerraClean prolongs the life of your car’s engine, ignition and exhaust system components, reducing maintenance costs.

The process of TerraClean decarbonisation is effectively a valet for all the internal parts of your engine and exhaust system. A TerraClean service should not be confused with pour in fuel treatments, it involves patented technology operated by trained automotive professionals, using highly refined chemicals.

We recommend you have your car TerraCleaned and believe one day soon all cars will have an annual TerraClean service.

The process is already part of the Franchised Dealer service plan in the US for some vehicle manufacturers (e.g. Subaru), and in the UK is endorsed and used by TV mechanic Edd China in his own garage workshops.

TerraClean is the only de-carbonising service of its kind in the world.
Terraclean Matlock
A Terraclean service will:

  • Restore Fuel Economy
  • Restore Vehicle Performance
  • Save on Costly Repairs by Prolonging Component Life
  • Give Immediate Drive Away Difference.

Did you know?

Only TerraClean will restore your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from your oxygen sensors and other engine components.

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